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I'm Alan Moore, and I am a UI / UX Engineer for web sites and applications. I live in Baltimore, MD, with my wife, three cats, one dog, a ridiculous amount of books and a music collection no streaming service will ever match.

I spend most of my days in Axure RP 8 Pro and Bohemian Coding's Sketch. The rest of the time, I write neat and responsive HTML 5 and CSS 3. I really don't touch databases or back-end systems any more.

I am the UI/UX Engineer at ACGI Software in Columbia, MD. I have been working on the next major version of their Association Management System.

Previously I have been:

There's 18 years of details in my resumé / CV.


I collect and listen to music. I blog about music, movies, books, comics and art at Funkier Than Thou.

Way back in August 2001, I was interviewed for a recurring series of stories profiling different careers. So You Want To Be A Web Designer? It's outdated for sure, but just be aware it's not all factually correct either. Looks like this finally went offline after 12 years.

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