I built this site in HTML5 and CSS3 with Jekyll. The design is an evolution of one I started in 2013, but massively simplified, because it got in the way of the content.

The header font is Popgod by Rian Hughes of Device Fonts– one of my favourite illustrators and designers. The body copy is in Realtime by Juri Zaech.

Web hosting is by Webfaction, who I really like. In fact, I moved all my sites to them from (mt) Media Temple.



I work on a 2012 Apple Mac Mini with a Quad-core i7 @ 2.5GHz and a 256Gb SSD. I added 16Gb RAM from OWC, and two USB3 MiniStacks to house 5Tb of external storage. Attached is a (sadly discontinued) Razer Blackwidow (Mac Edition) keyboard, because I like mechanical keyboards. They go click. I point at things with a Wacom Bamboo Create (6" x 4") pen tablet my wife got me a couple of years ago.


I spend as much time as possible using Axure RP 7.0 and Bohemian Coding's Sketch 3. If I have to write code (like for building this site), I do it in Coda, the wonderful Mac web development software from Panic.

I'm waiting on Affinity to release their InDesign killer and then I could happily dump the entire Adobe Creative Cloud. I'd only use it when forced to at work. I also use Sublime Text, Pages and Pixelmator, as needed.

I augment my development tools with CodeKit and Git (specifically that nice GitHub Desktop application) when developing for myself. I have had to use Grunt in the past, but I bought my Mac for a reason, and it wasn't to edit config files.

As much as I'd like to never see Windows again, we have to test our sites. I use Parallels Desktop because it came free with my Mac, and virtual machines downloaded from courtesy of Microsoft.

My daily browsing is done in Safari, and Flash is not installed. The superior developer tools in Google Chrome make that my development browser of choice, and its built-in implementation of Flash Player make it my fallback when using sites that require it.


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