Complex Filtering

A concept for filtering large data tables displayed as grids.

At Regent, we display large tables of data. When I say large, I mean 24 columns and 30,000 records.

With that much to choose from, the ability to filter the data displayed is very useful. We use Kendo UI, and its grids include the ability to filter by clicking an icon in the column's header.

This isn't a terrible solution by any means, but when all 24 columns have the filter, and the data is large enough that one third of those columns extend off the screen, it can be difficult to tell, at a glance, which columns are filtered. It's impossible to see how they are filtered, which is a problem regardless of the amount of data displayed.

Here's a JSfiddle of a filtering concept I put together. I needed a quick prototype, so although you can view the fiddle in full here, the code is not production ready. I recommend you view the result using the link below.

Complex Filtering

Each of the columns which can be filtered are listed in the dropdown menu, but this also allows the option of not filtering certain columns by simply leaving them out of the list. This is a simple, flexible option for filtering large datasets.

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