Crayon Cuties Designer

UX Concept, UI Design, Web development (Custom Direct / Deluxe Checks, )

        screenshot from Crayon Cuties Designer

I completely revamped the UI of this check customization web app.

The Crayon Cuties Designer is a Flash-based application which allows customers to create a family of cartoon characters, customizing their clothes and appearance, and place them on checks, checkbook covers and address labels.

Following an unsuccessful build by an offshore team, I was tasked with redesigning and developing its replacement. I created extremely in-depth UI designs in Fireworks CS3, focused on creating an engaging and easy customer experience, with obvious nods to the Mii designer on the Nintendo Wii.

The tool was created with Flex 3 and went through constant revision between April 2010 and January 2011. At all stages, we reviewed and discarded any changes which decreased the customers' enjoyment of the process.

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