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UI Design, Web development (Elygra Marketing Services, )

A small, custom CMS for various educational clients

In November 2008, I was approached by Elygra Marketing Services to provide a Content qManagement System (CMS) for one of their local education authority websites. The site was already built and simply needed the back-end to be created and the content areas plugged in to the existing pages.

For such a simple project, most off-the-shelf commercial and open source CMS systems were overkill. Rather than spend time trying to arduously contort Wordpress or Drupal configurations to co-operate with the pre-designed sites, and spend hours recreating a designer's code and CSS as proprietary templates, I elected to build a custom CMS.

The list of requirements was short so creation of an Object-Oriented PHP5 / PostgreSQL system was easy and rapid. Thanks to this, I spent my time creating easy-to-use user interfaces as opposed to training people to find their way around an off-the-shelf, overpowered CMS interface.

The site was successful enough that I reused it, with some further customisation, on two further projects for Elygra: one in December 2009 and the other in September 2010. In June 2012 I converted the CMS to use MySQL since their hosting provider had dropped support for PostgreSQL.

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