Erickson Living

UI Design, Information Architecture, Responsive design, Front-end development lead (Erickson Living, )

        screenshot from Erickson Living

I was the lead web developer on this 18-month redesign project.

Erickson Living manage 16 premium retirement communities around the United States. I joined the company in January 2011, and in April we began a wholesale redesign of the Erickson website. It launched in April 2012, and was further refreshed in July the same year, and again in September.

Web design

Front-end development

As lead developer I built the first version of the site, which contained our corporate pages and a complete working version of the pages for one of the sixteen communities.


Mobile Refresh

Although the site as launched was fully responsive, I felt it had not been as succesful as it could be and set about refreshing the iPad size layout and the phone layout. Mainly this improved the usability of the navigation on the phone and made the layout much cleaner on tablet sized displays.

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