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UI Design, Web development (Westwood Design and Marketing Consultancy, )

A magazine site aimed at 14-16 year olds.

WMDC published this independent magazine to encourage teenagers finishing school who felt university was not right for them to try alternative further education options.

The site was to be bright and colourful and appealing to teenagers. It featured various C-list celebrities that failed to disguise that it was supposed to be educational. The layouts had already been designed, but as is often the case, what looks great in Illustrator when it can be zoomed easily does not translate easily to the 950 pixel width screen size we designed to at the time.

The main issue was the persistent, screen-wide, graphical navigation area, which ate up a lot of vertical space. Inspired by the then-hip Flash work of Joshua Davis of Praystation fame, I suggested placing a tab to the left so that the menu could be opened and closed as needed. Since this reduced its prominence, I then made that tab follow the mouse vertically to attract the eye. That way, if your mouse had been at the top of the screen when you clicked &MENU', the menu would cover the top portion of the site. This both provided enough vertical space to fit the content to the screen better, and a more edgy, interactive feel to the site.

The build involved lots of things that are now irrelevant to web development: attempting to get Illustrator graphics elements into Flash MX, using ActionScript to load elements dynamically to allow easy updating of the site, and so on. Once the site was built, three quarterly &issues' were published by placing new contents into the framework I built.

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