UX Design, Web development (Hanlys, )

A web-based system for managing a home search company.

In 2004, Eclipse helped start up a new company, Home Hunt UK. They provided a service whereby they search for suitable homes to meet the requirements of busy executive clients lacking the proximity or availability to search properly themselves. I built a web-based application allowing the HHUK to work via the web, avoiding costly hardware and software fees.

After a year, the client made the decision to re-launch the business as Hanlys, and I took the project on personally, outside of Eclipse. The system was rebuilt from scratch in PHP 4 and MySQL, building on lessons learned from the experience of the previous year. Hanlys expanded to become a national operation, licensing regions to licensees. All licensees worked through the central web server, using the online system, managed centrally by the head of the company.

The application was made up of two sections:

Apache was configured on a new web server with SSL. Several databases were designed and then constructed in MySQL. Secure administration areas were then defined, and all the above systems were created in PHP.

After a few years, the owner of Hanlys, Alison, left the UK and sold the company to a licensee.

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