Rhydymwyn Valley

Web development (Eclipse Creative Consultants, )

An interactive CD-ROM for children visiting a nature reserve.

Rhydymwyn Valley Nature Reserve was, during WW2, a munitions factory. It is now a nature reserve, and accepts coach parties from schools. They required an interactive CD-ROM for use in their visitor centre.

I chose Flash over Director, for flexibility and familiarity. The IA was provided by staff at the reserve, along with photographs, text, a voice-over narration and a 1940's instructional film shot at the factory.

Page layouts were created by a designer at Eclipse and I combined all these elements into a working CD-ROM exclusively for use within the centre. Another designer created the character for the narrator– an owl named Dylan. My goal was to bring the flat layouts to life with animations and video footage, as well as making the owl fly and read. We required numerous rounds of optimisation to the SWF files to ensure compatibility with the target computers, which were all donated end-of-life Pentium III systems running between 100MHz and 233MHz.

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