Seddon Homes

UI Design, Web development (Eclipse Creative Consultants, )

A full-site redesign for blue-chip client with a $90m turnover.

Seddon Homes, Eclipse's largest client at the time, is a blue-chip home builder with a turnover of £40m in 2007 (that's $90m in 2013 dollars). We were asked to rebuild their site from the ground up.

Preliminary layouts were created by a graphic designer. The colours and fonts were approved for style, but the client was unhappy with the layouts of the pages, yet unable to say why. I used Andy Clarke's block-out technique, a kind of reverse wire-framing, to analyse the layouts. The conclusion was that the sizing and positioning of the page elements did not reflect the importance of the content, and made for a bad user experience (UX). I resized, moved or removed elements and produced new visuals which followed the original guidelines for appearance. Further inspiration was gathered from Khoi Vin's website, which explains the predominance of horizontal lines throughout the interior pages.

I built the site in content-first XHTML with CSS arranging the screen layout. I used Prototype and AJAX to make select pages, such as the list of developments, elegant yet simple. I also integrated Google Maps using their API, and we prominently placed a mix of video and still photography on the home page (a blatant rip-off of the Aston Martin web site at the time).

This site was the largest project I completed at Eclipse, and represents the sum of my knowlege, as of mid 2007, spilled out of my brain and on to the screen.

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